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Reactive Dog 3 Day Workshop Aug 18-20

Learn How To Handle and Rehabilitate Your Reactive Dog In This 3 Day Workshop

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  • 697 US dollars
  • 7600 E La Palma Ave, Anaheim, CA 92807

Service Description

This Reactivity Workshop is a must for anyone that dreads bringing their dog in public due to reactivity around other dogs. If you fear seeing another dog or person, hardly leave the house with your dog or just avoid being outside entirely, this class is for you! In this class, we will cover: 1. Focus & attention exercises: Teach your dog to focus on you in distracting environments. Start in a low-stimulus environment and gradually increase the distractions. 2. Counter-conditioning: Pairing the presence of triggers with positive experiences like treats or play. This helps change your dog's emotional response to the trigger. 3."Sit" or "down" command: Practice obedience commands in various environments. This helps your dog focus on you and remain calm when faced with triggers. 4. Allowing for observation and rewarding calm behavior: Reinforce and reward your dog for calmly observing known triggers. This helps your dog associate calmness with positive outcomes. 5. The difference between bribing and rewarding: Using food can create problems when not done correctly. 6. Impulse control: Teach your dog to wait for permission before approaching triggers and to think about their actions. 7. Desensitization and exposure: Expose your dog to triggers in a controlled and positive way. 8. Learn to train proactively and with intention, rather than reacting to your dog and feeling overwhelmed. 9. How to read your dog's body language and respond accordingly. 10. Understanding the root cause of your dog's reactive behavior. 11. How to implement corrections if and when needed. Most importantly, you will learn how to engage with and lead your dog. __________ Space is LIMITED! In order to provide the best service and attention to detail, there is a maximum of 8 dogs per class and 2 adults per dog. This 3-day class starts at 10AM on August 18th, 19th and 20th. Each class is 90 min. Class Location: Yorba Regional Park __________ * Please note: >>>THIS IS A BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION CLASS<<< This class teaches and focuses on the concepts and fundamentals of behavior modification training. Obedience training (while important and applied in this class) is a secondary priority. __________ Please DO NOT SIGN UP if your dog: - Is younger than 6 months -Shuts down due to extreme fear of being in public __________ An email will be sent with class syllabus and more details after booking. Please check your email and add

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Las Vegas, NV, USA

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